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    Indian CinemaIndian Cinema focuses deeply into the historical aspects of the Indian film industry. Right from the silent era to the talkie films and from the artistic films to the commercial ones, it has been a very long ride for the industry to make its way ahead. Let us explore this fascinating journey!
    History of Indian Cinema
    History of Indian CinemaAll around the world people have heard or seen the eccentricity of Indian cinema or have at least been exposed to the elaborate song and dance routines, indicative of Indian cinema through modern film
    Pioneers and Contributors
    Pioneers and ContributorsThis section provides a closer look at the pioneers of the Indian cinema industry that have made the impossible task possible, by providing entertainment to the population in the era where the existence of films was in its nascent stage.
    Luminaries of the Indian Film Industry
    Luminaries of the Indian Film IndustryThe luminaries of the Indian Film industry including the actors and actresses and also include the great writers, directors, musicians and singers that have been greatly influencing the Indian cinema industry to grow immensely and reach the pinnacle of glory!
    Film Financing & Insurance
    Film Financing & InsuranceThis section explains that every film made in India does have an option to be financed by the Indian banks for its production and also about the insurance regarding the same in case of any accidents or calamties whilst its making!
    Classic Films
    Classic FilmsThe Indian Film Industry is amongst the largest in the world and has an outflow of thousands of films every year. However, apart from the many, this section deals with those ones, which are the evergreen classics and are loved by the viewers even today!
    Regional Films
    Regional FilmsSurprsingly the Indian film industry does not specifically only refer to Bollywood! It is the existence of many other Indian regional films too, that have made India proud globally. Let us revive these regional magical films and glorify their existence!
    Stages in Filmmaking
    Stages in FilmmakingFilms are considered as a very different art form to entertain, educate, enlighten and inspire audiences. Thus, filmmaking is a very complex art and needs a lot of skills. This section deals with the filmmaking production cycle.
    Film Awards
    Film AwardsEvery film that is loved and enjoyed by the Indian audience is appreciated in the form of awards! In this section, you can find the detailed information about all the different awards for the Hindi film industry, right from the inception of the same, till date! : Web portal on Indian Culture and Lifestyle
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