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Krishnaswamy Subramanyam
A firm believer in national reform - the elimination of the caste system, dignity for women, among other issues -, K. Subramanyam did not hesitate to launch a cinematic attack.

Krishnaswamy Subramanyam
  • 1936 - Balayogini: Directed by K. Subramanyam, the film starred K. Vishwanathan, R. Balasaraswathi, Baby Saroja, and V.R. Chellam. A Brahmin widow and her daughter are compelled to seek shelter with a lower-caste person. This upsets the caste-conscious Brahmins of the village. The casting was amazing - the role of the Brahmin widow was played by Chellam, herself a Brahmin widow. Societal fury notwithstanding, the film makers - themselves Brahmins - proceeded to make other iconoclastic films. The director was pronounced an outcaste by other Brahmins - he chose to go far beyond caste issues and make Thyagabhoomi.

  • 1938 - Seva Sadan: Directed by K. Subramanyam, the film starred M.S. Subbulakshmi, F.G. Natesa Iyer, Mrs. Jayalakshmi, Varadachar and Rampiary. - A ground-breaking film on the relevant issues of women`s emancipation. Based on Premchand`s Urdu novel, the work was translated into Hindi for another film - the author was not pleased with it. The Tamil version had his approval - Subramanyam had the courage to hold good to the novel`s plot concerning prostitution and related matters. To appease the die-hards, Subramanyam presented the film as a musical. The film marked Subbulakshmi`s debut.

  • 1939 - Thyagabhoomi: Directed by K. Subramanyam, the film starred S.D. Subbulakshmi, Papanasam Sivan, Baby Saroja, A.K. Kamalam, and K.J. Mahadevan. A priest, characterized on Mahatma Gandhi, incurs the villagers` wrath for providing shelter to Harijans. He leaves with his daughter for the city: the daughter gets married to a wayward man who eventually sees the light, while the priest devotes himself to social work. The film focused on the daughter`s courage. The freedom of women was an important topic for Subramanyam, and he included documentary footage on Mahatma Gandhi. Tamil Nadu was the scene of the Temple Entry movement and this was echoed in the scene of Harijans waiting at the temple doors.

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